Who We Are

The Association for Women in Cryptocurrency (AWIC) is a platform for women and supportive allies, who seek to enhance their knowledge and education in the growing field of cryptocurrency and other digital assets, blockchain, web3, and related technology and services while advancing the opportunities for women and the role they will play in the future of digital finance.

Our Mission

AWIC intends to accomplish this mission and support and empower women by educating, advocating, and sponsoring forums in which women and allies in the industry can support and promote women, broaden their knowledge base, and share information related to education in cryptocurrency and related products, technology and services, and investment and career opportunities in the private and public sectors in the U.S. and abroad.

How We’ll
get there

The forums will also provide access to the latest news and developments affecting cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3, as well as play a key role in educating and informing on the role funding and investment can play in a diverse asset-allocation strategy.

AWIC will never provide investment, tax, or legal advice, but hopes to improve education about digital assets, blockchain, web3, related products, technology, and services, and private equity offerings in this space.

  • Educational webcasts on a variety of topics

  • Mentoring, sponsorship, and networking opportunities connecting women in the industries involving cryptocurrency and other digital assets, blockchain, web3, and related products and technology.

  • Selected free introductory content